About Us

Inspiration comes randomly, while artful, delicious creations require work.

My inspiration came when a friend from Italy shared a box of chocolates from his favorite pasticceria in Milan. My first bite was eye opening; the remainder was one of those moments when you pause and focus only on the moment, the taste, and quietly enjoying a small indulgence.

“Why can’t I find chocolates that taste like this?” was my first thought. Then came the inspiration: If I can’t find them, why not make them!

How you do something is far more important than what you do, if you want quality. How did I learn to make fine chocolates, simple?

First, find, talk with and learn from the leading chocolatiers in America. Next, do the same for some top chocolatiers in Italy. Finally, with their guidance, start applying the knowledge to develop chocolatier skills.

The secret to those inspirational, delicious treats was hand-made ganache fillings, measured to the gram and always made in small batches. Couple that with the best single sourced chocolate beans, processed to order in a small Swiss facility, just like the Milanese chocolatier and you have an indulgence.

Success comes from constant practice. So, I took the necessary few years to learn how to blend flavors, textures and ingredients to equal the best quality chocolates. That meant making the effort to continuously learn and refine the chocolatier skills.

That brings us to today, where we apply Lombardy recipes and techniques to craft delicious chocolates, tavolettes and ganaches, making a collection of artful, delicious creations. These are the chocolates that give pause to your day, allowing you to relax and shift your thoughts, while enjoying your moment. You'll know the feeling when you taste them.

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A potential customer asked if we are Fairtrade certified. The answer is no, we are not. Does this mean that we don't pay fair prices to the farmers we work with? On the contrary, the current world market cacao price is roughly $2,600 per ton.

The Fairtrade certification requires a $240 premium per ton, meaning that at today's prices, a "Fair" price would be $2,840 per ton.

Now here is where I get transparent and where I also can't believe what I am about to say publicly. We pay over $5,000 per ton of cacao. That is almost 10 times the Fairtrade requirement and almost twice the world market price. More importantly, it is a price that allows farmers to earn a living for their family and the future of their farm and cacao trees.